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the Badge

Get your own spiffy Kiva Badge


Please note: Site and Badge has been updated as of 12/18/2009. I highly recommend replacing your current badge code with new one provided here.

First head on over to, create an account and make some loans.
Trust me.. it’s good for the soul. :-)

Enter your Kiva Lender id
If you don’t know your lender id use this link : Find my lender ID

Loans to Display

You have contributed to # loans on Kiva.

Select the types of loans you would like to appear in this badge.
 Fund Raising : These loans are still waiting to be completed.
 Paying Back : These loans have been completed and are paying back.
 Paid : These loans have been fully paid back to all lenders.
Your badge will show # loans
FYI : loans are displayed in order of their posted date on kiva.
Loan counts may not be entirely accurate due to exclusion of defaulted and refunded loans.


Badge options

how wide do you want the badge to be (in pixels)?  

transparent background?
by default, the badge has a white background. so if your website has a background other than white, the white still appears and stands out. that really bugs the designer in me. So if you do have a non-white background select this feature.

And here’s your badge
Copy the following code to your blog or website. Wordpress users can use the text/html sidebar widget (won’t work on blog, sorry guys). I’ve been told it works on blogs.